Thanksgiving time - Nov, 2004

Thanksgiving day for this year was Thursday 25th November. I conveniently celebrated by buying roast chicken and turkey for thanksgiving lunch from King Soopers, which is a very well-known supermarket chain in Colorado. After lunch, I went to downtown Boulder to do some outdoor ice skating at this very small ice rink, which remains open only during the winter.

A very tastey thanksgiving lunch! The dark plastic dish makes the turkey slices, mashed potatoes and turkey-stuffing look like a TV dinner-but that's what the King Soopers worker at the deli used to pack my turkey meal.

About ready to eat!

This is the outdoor ice rink which is open only during the winter. The rink opened on 20th November this year.

A spectator at the ice rink very kindly took this photo for me.

This photo was taken on the thanksgiving weekend on Saturday 20th Nov, on the way home from ice-skating at the University of Colorado.