South Park, Colorado - Thursday 20 January, 2005

South Park is an area in Colorado. The well-known cartoon show called "South Park" ( ) is based on this area. South Park, which is the 'southern' part of a county called Park County, is south-west of Boulder, and it took about an 90 minutes drive to get there starting from Boulder. In the area of South Park, there is a little township being restored, called South Park City - an old mining town. Actually, the cartoon town of South Park is based on the town of Fairplay, which is a town in the South Park area, and the creators of the cartoon series once lived in Fairplay.

Direction toward South Park.

A scenic photo taken while on the way toward South Park.

Another scenic photo taken on the way toward South Park.

Fairplay is a township in South Park. I drove around for a little bit in Fairplay and took some photos.