Sat 16th Nov 2002 Ski Trip To Keystone Resort, Colorado

Ready to roll out at 6:15 am.

Looking at a snowy peak while moving along interstate I-70 West

A slight setback

Very nice snow peaks

Arrived at Keystone ski resort!!

During a short lunchtime break between ski lesson

Me and Ray - our ski instructor

Sat/Sun 23rd/24th Nov 2002 Ski Trip To Keystone Resort, Colorado

Four Points Summit Sheraton room in Dillon city. We got it for only US$40 dollars a night! Sat 23rd Nov 2002

Sister's car during a snow fall, taken early in the morning in hotel carpark. Sun 24th Nov 2002

A very long line-up of orange headlights going as far as the eye can see on the way home from ski trip. Sun 24th Nov 2002

Sat 30th Nov 2002 Ski Trip To Keystone Resort, Colorado

My skis are first to occupy the racks. See the little crow thing in the picture too? hehe. Sat 30th Nov 2002

I was the first skier to arrive at the ski area very early in the morning. I was getting my picture taken while a resort guy is going up the ski lift. The lifts weren't open yet. Sat 30th Nov 2002

I went to KFC in the evening after the ski trip for dinner, hoping that the traffic on the way home would be better after dinner. But my clever plan didn't work. Sat 30th Nov 2002

Sat 7th Nov 2002 Ski Trip To Keystone Resort, Colorado

This frame and photo is the nice christmas present from my sister. A pic of me and my sister at the top of the mountain.

Sun 16th Mar 2003 Ski Trip To Keystone Resort, Colorado

The PIKA trail! This is a trail that links two ski-runs called Porcupine and Wildfire. The white lines on the mountains in the background are the ski-trails at another popular ski resort called Breckenridge.

I always wear protective knee and elbow pads, as well as a helmet on the slopes. I really think it's valuable safety insurance. Lots of people wear helmets these days for skiing. Not many wear knee and elbow pads, but these things have come in very handy for me in the past. I really think that many people wished they were wearing them too after a unexpected tumble.