Hiking Mount Bierstadt - Sunday 5th Sept, 2004

This was an interesting 'Autumn' hike that turned out to be quite a wintery one instead. Mount Bierstadt (pronounced beer-stat) is in Georgetown Colorado, about 1 hour drive west of Boulder. It is one of the 53 mountains in Colorado taller than 14-thousand feet (4285 metres above sea level). I was expecting either warm to cool conditions on that day, but as we were driving up to the carpark at 12-thousand feet, it was snowing! I didn't expect that, but we still decided to attempt our hike to the peak. It wasn't a very difficult hike, but it was definitely very cold and very windy. It took around 2 hours to reach the summit.

A very nice view looking down from the peak of Mount Bierstadt at 14060 feet (4285 metres).

Another nice view from the top of the mountain.

We are at the top of the mountain.

Another photo at the top of the mountain.

Me at the top. The snow got stuck on my gloves when I was climbing up some rocks on the way up to the peak. It was actually very cold at the summit.

John (from USA) at the top.

Jordi (from Spain) at the top.

Robert (from England) at the top.

Looking to the west at Square Top mountain.

This photo was taken of the clouds in the sky above swirling around in a circle instead of just moving in one direction. It was a very interesting thing to see.