Ice skating at Keystone Resort, Colorado - Friday 31 December, 2004

Keystone is a township in Colorado. The Keystone ice rink is a big frozen lake, which is open during the winter from around December to March. The surface of the lake is flattened and smoothed out by a Zamboni machine, to make it very nice to skate on. This was my first time standing (and skating) on a frozen lake so it was quite exciting. The ice was generally in excellent condition for skating, but you had to sometimes be careful of some sizeable cracks in the ice, where your ice blade could get stuck if not careful enough.

This is the lake at Keystone, which is the ice rink itself.

This is a hotel next to the lake called Lakeside Lodge.

Another visitor at the ice rink helped me to take a photo.

The ice was actually very thick, but there were some areas where you could see down into the dark depths!

I found large cracks in the ice. These looked a little concerning at first, but they're probably not that deep, even though the cracks are kind of large.

The flag on the left is the Keystone flag, followed by the Colorado flag in the middle.

I just had to get a picture of the Australian flag.

Another photo with the Australian flag.

The Australian flag is the second from the left. The seventh flag starting from the left with the red stars is the New Zealand flag.

This is a nice photo of skaters on the lake.

The christmas tree in the middle of the lake was nice. It was also nice to see benches for people to rest. The light from the sky was quite bright, so I had a lot of sunscreen on.