Indy Car Race Day in Denver - Sunday 31st Aug, 2003

Indy car race day was great. It was a cloudy day, with a little bit of sun poking through at times. Perfect for the race fans. This was a long weekend, with Labor Day public holiday on the following day.

The race-track was formed around the public roads surrounding the Pepsi Center above. Some important sports events are held at the Pepsi Center, including professional ice-hockey games. Some important musical events are held there as well.

A super size video screen was set up for spectators to see what was happening in other areas of the track.

A Ferrari Enzo car displayed. This car was later put through some of its paces around the race track.

Bridgestone Bridge at Turn 2. This was the section of the track where I watched the race. The bridge is used to leave the race course.

A Toyota Atlantic Series car in a practice session on race day driven by Alex Figge. This isn't an indy car though. The car was going pretty fast!

Jimmy Vasser's indycar during a full-course yellow after somebody had crashed on another part of the track during the race.

Tiago Monteiro drives past during the indycar race.