Hong Kong - 27th Jan to 8th Feb 2005

This was the chinese new year period, so there were many traditional decorations displayed all around Hong Kong to meet the chinese new year. For 2005, the chinese new year landed on the 9th of February.

In the district of Aberdeen in Hong Kong, there's a floating seafood restaurant called Jun-Bo, but they call it 'Jumbo' in english.

This is where passengers wait for the boats that go to the floating restaurant.

The floating restaurant as seen as the boat arrives.

I could freely sit on these nice royalish chairs for a photograph.

I had never done ice skating in Hong Kong before, so I did lots of ice skating there for this trip. This is the ice rink at Tai Koo Shing shopping center, pronounced 'Tie Goo Sing'.

This photo was taken on one particular day at Tai Koo Shing ice rink.

This photo was taken on another day. We need to stand on our toes to stop the ice blade from touching the foam floor because the sand from people's shoes can reduce the blade's sharpness.

A big flower festival is held every year at the very well-known Victoria Park during the chinese new year period. I took some photos to capture some of the atmosphere there. This photo shows some pink peach blossom flowers and some decorative yellow fruits with peculiar shapes. The yellow fruits are purely decorative and I have never heard of anybody eating them - probably because they might not taste too good.

These are Peony flowers, called 'maow darrn' in cantonese.

Some nice citrus fruit plants that are traditionally associated with chinese new year.

The night lights in Hong Kong are very attractive. I took some night photos in one of Hong Kong's districts called 'Central'.