Hiking trip at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - Sunday 13 June, 2004

I went hiking with my friends Jerry and Bob at a place called Wild Basin at the Rocky Mountain National Park about 50 minutes drive north of Boulder. Rocky Mountain National Park has a huge area, so we were in only a very small part of the park. We chose to walk on a trail that would take us to a lake called Ouzel Lake. An Ouzel is actually a type of small bird, so the lake is named after such a bird. We were very lucky to have very nice weather that day, because the weather was bad during the previous couple of days.

The first section of the hiking trail was always next to a nice running stream. This is just one section of the stream which flows from somewhere very high up in the mountains. The trees on the left and right side of the photo are Aspen trees. These trees are very well known because their leaves change to a golden colour in autumn which make the area even more scenic when it's autumn.

A nice waterfall.

Another nice waterfall.

A nice hiking scene. Bob is directly in front of me, and Jerry is almost hidden in front of Bob.

This trail is on the way to Ouzel Lake.

Another photo taken along the trail to Ouzel Lake.

The daisy flowers at the lower elevations had white petals, but as we reached higher elevations, they had purple petals like these ones. There's a bee on one of the flowers.

This is a photo of me and Bob, taken using Jerry's camera.

I took this nice photo as we were approaching Ouzel Lake.

A section of Ouzel Lake.

I took a photo of this cute squirrel as it unexpectedly scrambled out from somewhere.