Ulysses butterfly - 28th May to 7th June 2005

These photos show ulysses butterflies flying.

Flying close to our TV aerial.

Flying across the back of the house.

The ulysses butterfly is visible around the top-right corner of this photo. The butterfly is actually quite large, even though it appears to be small since it is far away from the camera.

Some highly flourescent royal blue colour on the front wing can be seen in this photo.

This ulysses butterfly is diving downwards as it flies toward the camera.

Here, the blue areas on the butterfly cannot be seen because that only exists on the upper-side of the wings. This photo shows only the underside of the wings, which are brownish in colour.

A nice view of the Ulysses butterfly flying toward the camera.

This is a close-up photo of a very elegant Ulysses butterfly that I was very lucky to find - resting on a palm leaf.