Dragonflies (Townsville, Australia) - Sat 19th March 2005

These are photos of dragonflies that I found this afternoon in the garden at home. The variations in characteristics among the different species of dragonflies is very interesting.

A red dragonfly.

A goldish-brown dragonfly standing on a chilly plant in our garden.

A blue dragonfly standing on a fallen leaf on the ground.

More dragonflies photographed at home in the garden - photographed between Tues 12th April to Mon 2nd May 2005

A blue dragonfly resting on a plant.

A view from a different angle.

This one has colours like a leopard.

Still resting there on the blade of buffalo-grass.

This one reminds me of an army helicopter with the army camouflage colours.

A black dragonfly.

A red dragonfly.

A green dragonfly.

This one has grey and black colours with gold bands.

A big green dragonfly in flight.

A blue dragonfly flying around near my hand.

The blue dragonfly resting on my finger. This friendly dragonfly has a half-broken front leg, which I discovered after looking closely at this photo. Apart from that, it was a very healthy dragonfly.

This is a different blue dragonfly seen on the following day.

A red dragonfly rests on a dried stem of a plant.

A black and yellow dragonfly taken in very bright sunlight.

The natural colours on the head and eyes makes this dragonfly appear to have a happy face. It reminds me of Jiminy Cricket.

This dragonfly's face reminds me of a Thomas The Tank Engine character.

This dragonfly has a face of a funny cartoon character.

This one reminds me of a playful dog.

A red dragonfly photographed from below.

The same red dragonfly showing yellow and pink colours in its wings.

I photographed this one at night time.

This dragonfly with yellow wings is called a graphic flutterer dragonfly.

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