Colorado Springs, Colorado - Thursday 20 January, 2005

Colorado Springs is Colorado's second largest city (Denver is the largest city). Today's trip was to see the 'Garden of the Gods', which is a park in Colorado Springs with some attractive rock formations. Colorado Springs is roughly south of Boulder, and it took about one hour and 40 minutes to get there starting from Boulder.

This is a panorama view of the big rock in the main parking lot. The colour of the rock is very red from the early morning sunrise. It was important to be there for the sunrise, since the early morning sun makes the colour very attractive.

This rock is called the 'Balanced Rock' because it's just balancing on top of a bigger rock.

This is a picture of the same balancing rock. It really looks like it's balancing in a very precarious way.

This is the famous Pikes Peak (a mountain), viewed from the Garden of the Gods, but Pikes Peak can be seen very clearly from just about anywhere in Colorado Springs.

This is a McDonalds that I went to in Colorado Springs after the visit to the Garden of the Gods. The mountain that's reflected by the window glass is Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak taken from outside McDonalds. The interstate highway called 'I25' is one of Colorado's main highways.