Indoor Rock Climbing at the University of Colorado - 21st Oct 2004

My friend Michio and I did some climbing in the indoor climbing gym at the University of Colorado's recreational center. It was great fun. We used harnesses and ropes to climb all the way up to the top of the walls. We decided it was too inconvenient and unsafe to take photos of each other when we were that high above the ground. So instead, we took photos of each other lower to the ground. Normal sport shoes are not very useful for climbing the walls because the soles are too soft, and they just slip off the rocks. We have to use climbing shoes with hard and sticky rubber soles that provide quite a superior foothold.

I'm holding onto artificial rocks secured to the wall.

I'm actually hanging nearly upside down in this photo.

This is Michio clinging to rocks.

Here's Michio hanging almost upside down.