Snow in Boulder, Fri 7th Feb 2003

US Department of Commerce Boulder Laboratories, and the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains

Lots of icicles

Icicles very close up

The May Wah chinese restaurant - a favoured lunchtime eating place during the working week

Viele Lake in South Boulder frozen over, but starting to melt

Snow in Boulder, Sat 1st Mar 2003

Viele Lake is only slightly frozen over, very thin ice

Edge of Viele Lake

A photo of some trees - not too many leaves on them at all

A pine tree by itself

Snow in Boulder, Sun 2nd Mar 2003

Steam from water evaporating off the ground

Nice new snow in this part of the Rocky Mountains

Heavy snow in Boulder, 19th Mar 2003

Lots of snow fell into the courtyard. The snow is still falling. The city closed down today due to the very heavy snowfalls

Cars under a snow blanket, including the fire hydrant

This car looks like it's been covered by a big marshmallow, or a thick white dooner/comforter

I think this could be a subaru wagon

This is a Toyota Celica buried by the snow

A Acura Integra with snow on it

A Subaru Impreza WRX sedan stuck in some snow