Boulder after a freezing rain - Sat 1st November, 2003

I took these nice pictures after freezing rain that fell the day before and during the night. The leaves on all the grass and trees were frozen, with almost clear ice cubes around the leaves. Actually, the ice cubes were see-through on the day before.

A nice view of the mountains. There is the appearance that I wasn't holding the camera properly, but it's kind of a optical distortion thing because a couple of the metal posts to the left of the photo are straight up and down as you can see. The highway actually has an upwards slope from left to right.

A kind of shrub. The plant normally doesn't look like that at all. The ice has actually built up all around the leaves to form ice cubes.

Another kind of shrub.

A bunch of shrubs. The ice cubes on the leaves make them look like crystal plants. The photo doesn't really indicate just how nice they really look.

A tree branch. Since it's the start of winter, a lot of leaves haven fallen off. Parts where the leaves were once attached remain, where the ice has also formed.

A pine tree.

A close up picture of the ice on the leaves of the pine tree.