Baseball game at Coors Field, Denver - Thurs 27 May, 2004

These are pictures from the first baseball game I've ever seen. The Colorado Rockies played San Diego. It was quite a good match and the Rockies lost the game by only 1 point. The ballpark is Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. Coors is the beer of Colorado, and their main brewery is in a township called Golden, right next door to Boulder. The tradition at any ballpark is to eat hotdogs, icecream, salted shell peanuts and drink beer. At Coors field, they usually drink Coors beer. The fans that go to see the game are quite well behaved and they really want to go there to have a good time.

This is the big tv screen that keeps you updated with information about the score, and also shows action replays plus other video.

My friend Michio took this picture for me.

A view of part of Coors Field.

Another view of Coors field.

This picture shows the San Diego pitcher throwing the ball to the Colorado batter. The batter hasn't taken a swing yet because the ball has only just left the pitcher's hand.

This is a picture of the Colorado fielders in the outfield.

This is a picture of a Colorado batter getting hit in the body by a baseball thrown by the San Diego pitcher. The batter needed to be helped off the field due to the injury. The pitcher was penalised a little bit because you're not supposed to throw the ball directly at the batter.

They showed this sign when the Colorado Rockies batter hit a really big home run. The crowd really liked that a lot.

This is the final score. The San Diego team won with 4 runs, and Colorado had 3 runs. A very close and exciting game!